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This game is pretty good. I like the slay the spire feel. Aside from unlocking characters faster I hope this game sees more improvements

Hey there @Badim,

Do you have a github or something so we can add some pull requests ? :D

I use svn currently.

But depens - what for? If you wanna add own mod - let me know - maybe I can make it that it will be from certaint server?

It was more for some bug fixing, game balance, gameplay feedback... Yeah maybe it is modding ? 

It certainly have a good base code for now, like you have the whole gameplay mechanics but names should be changed, assets need to be added for relics, map progression is too much random, tapping on some buttons is sometimes quirky on mobile, for defense card you should not have to drag it to your char... You name it.

I really hope you won't be got down by MegaCrit. I'm really excited about the project, like I searched for slay the spire on mobile and you popped !

But, yeah I can help for coding if needed.

I can fix it all =)

Modding, yes - now it is easy, but hard to manage. Looking for anyone who would like to try it.

I use own assets - so no worries.

Can you write me - discord or email? Lets try to set up and manage git.

Hey Badim,

I'm aware that you can fix it all :D You could open a ticket manager like a redmine, jira or even a trello so we can add some bug reports / improvement request.

Yeah ok for discord, I've added you. I'm Malouf#7407


Join us in RBQ serer:

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I don't know how to play plz help

Tutorial added.

OMG thanks so much I got to gaurd didn't beat him but it's better now thanks again

Royal booty quest grabbed my interest, then I checked the record of this developper.... To my big surprise, I own two "royal" games on the Steam platform, and they are fun to play.  But this game has a lot of potential.

Tnx. I have a update for it actually. I`ll upload it in a while.

Slay the Spire is a great game. Very clever design. I tested your game yesterday, and it goes in the right direction. Keep up the good work. I honestly hope for you that the sales will be good. If you want me to help testing this, just ask. I worked for over 15 years in the trading card business as game and rules manager. Yu-gi-Oh!TCG, Lord of the Rings TCG, Star Wars TCG etc....   

StS is linear. You could do different by creating a maze, and slay the boss at the end of the level, to go into a different level. Whatever world you want to create

Star Wars TCG had a great engine. The cards in your deck were credits to play cards from. Once cards got out of the game, your credits became more rare. This created a lor of diversion in gameplay. Something that I miss the current TCG field creation. Everybody looks at what another does. Some diversion might be welcome. And might be good for sales. In the 80'ies, we had Magic TG coming up and is still around. At that time, Star Wars TCG did extremely well.  But due to license agreements, it faded out. 

Do you have a Discord? 

Or how we can connect. I can add your hero+cards. Or I can add you to testing branch.

I use Skype, but if it comes in handy, I could install Discord if you recommand me to. I'll wait for your reply. If you have skype, you can find me under my mail address;

Added. I`m mr.Badim on skype.

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discord - Badim#0905