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linux build?

I can build html5 now.

Check this game - if it works for you - I can do same for Royal Heroes.

You can play it as a game, no?

Sent your request for keys plz to

Attach your screen of greenlight or then where I can see that you voted or got the game.

Here is one more key: G924D-34ZZM-HWLQI

Man when are the keys coming? 231 days and no friggin keys. I feel like is one big pile of crap where all developers lie just to get free Greenlight votes. -_-

Hi, i have your game from 222 days, how i can contact with you about the steam key? Have a good day.

Hello! I have this game here, on How can I get steam key? Thank you!

Hi, can i get key too?

hi, can i get a steam key?!

(Claimed 148 days ago)

I did sent you via email, no?

no :(

my acc

Can you sent proff that you bought Royal Heroes? I`ll sent then key.

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Hi! Can i get a key for the steam release? Thanks!